Since 1970 – family, tradition and excellent cuisine

A Lifetime Passion

Once upon a time there was a young man, born in the heart of the beautiful Val d'Orcia (Tuscany), who upon turning 18 decided to head for Milan.

"I was 18 and that day, when I decided to leave Montichiello of Pienza, - says Nello Bruni – I didn't know what I would do exactly, where I would go, but I left anyway...""

This is the beginning of Nello's journey, with him soon get used to working in different restaurants.

"It was very different back then when I started work as a dishwasher, then as a chef's assistant and finally as a waiter. Once I was ready and trained, my manager pushed me to start my own business. That is when, I decided to open the restaurant with my wife Candida, a waitress, and a couple of friends."..

The restaurant was established in 1970, and after a change of name and ownership, it was finally called it has remained in the hands of Nello and Candida.

"We started out by offering a slightly different cuisine from the local one, that is why in the beginning there was a bit of mistrust, but then thanks to our salami and cheeses, selected and matured in-house, the Tuscan cuisine and seafood as well as our service, things started working well".

A story which continues today with their son Giovanni, his wife Roberta and their three daughters Sara, Asia and Anna. His passion for wine encouraged Giovanni to complement the range of salami and cheese with a large selection of wines, kept with exceptional care in the wine-cellar created in 2005.